As for sector 1, the season begins on June 1st. Primetime is usually from early June and runs to early July. The majority of the fishing is done with wet flies but, come the end of July dry flies are used to try and catch some of the 450 to 600 salmons that return to this river each year.

Causapscal River salmon

It is possible to reach the Causapscal River via two access roads. The river is best fished from a boat which allows an easy transfer from one pool to a another. The Causapscal is divided into 2 sectors. Sector 1 offers 11 pools spread out over an 11 km stretch and among which is the famous 4 Mile Pool. This area is limited to 4 rods a day, canoe and transportation services are included in the price.The upper section ( sector 2) covers 20 km of water and is comprised of 14 pools including the anglers two favourites which are Bateaux Pool and Les Falls. There is a limit of 4 rods a day and included are the services of a guide and a canoe.To fish this section you must enter the annual lottery held on November 1st. You have to fill a registration card. The fishermen that will come to discover the Causapscal River will have no trouble finding accommodations for there are many hotels and inns in the region. In conclusion, the Causapscal is a perfect place for a peaceful stay in nature.

This river allows fishermen to practice their favourite sport very early in the season and it is full of big salmon. Who knows you will perhaps have the opportunity to enjoy the feeling of releasing a trophy fish or going home with it.

Main tributary of the Matapedia River, the Causapscal River is renowned for its huge salmon. Situated in the middle of the wilderness, it offers tranquillity and wonderful landscapes. It gets its source from the Causapscal Lake, flows through the mountains on down into the heart of the small town of Causapscal into the famous pool of the Matapedia River, Les Fourches.

The Falls

The Causapscal River produces some of the biggest salmon in the province of Quebec , some of them can reach 25 kg (55 pounds). The river generates one of the earliest runs of salmon on the east coast, hence this allows the opening of the fishing season in the middle of May on sector 2.

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