A natural boundary between the Lower Saint-Laurence and the Gaspé regions, the Matapedia is considered One of the best salmons rivers in the Province of Quebec. Its headwaters flow from the Matapedia Lake and meander down along the valley some 65 km, sheltering many salmon and other fishes in its multiple rapids and pools. It ends its trip in the Restigouche River at the picturesque village of Matapedia.

The Matapedia River is renowned for the size and especially the amount of salmon that it shelters. Each year, between 3000 and 5000 specimens return to the river in search of there spawning grounds. It is also well-known that the run of salmon is early on the Matapedia, the fish usually arrive at the end of May or the beginning of June which coincides with the opening of the fishing season .

At this time of year, the wet fly is mostly used, then the dry fly is preferred later on in the season. The best fishing period is normally between June 20th and August 10th. September fishing is also very interesting, actually it is at this time of the year that the pools harbour the most salmon and the scenery is at its best with the red, yellow and orange tints that start to colour the trees.

The Matapedia River is very easy to access via route 132 which runs parallel to the entire river, and it is possible to wade the majority of the pools on the public zones although it is recommended to use a boat during the spring fishing. The Matapedia is divided in 4 sectors. Sectors 1 and 3 form together the public sector located between Causapscal and Routhierville with a few pools located in the village of Matapedia.This area includes 33 pools that offer non limited rod access (some are renowned such as Salmon Hole, Heppel and Les Fourches). Sector 2, commonly named Glen Emma is a highly coveted area which is composed of 25 pools including the famous Milnikek, Glen Emma, Richard's Pool, Angus and Jim's Rock. As Glen Emma is a restricted sector, the number of rods is limited and services of guide and canoe are obligatory. It is necessary to participate in an annual drawing held on November 1st. You have to fill a registration card.

. Finally, there's sector 4, located on the upper section of the river. This stretch offers non restricted access at a reduced rate. The Matapedia valley offers several accommodation to all fishermen in a great atmosphere.

Finally, the Matapedia is a magnificent river which will please the novice fisherman as much as the professional with its famous pools, its big salmon and wonderful landscape. Located in a very beautiful region, the people are well known for their hospitality. In other words, everything for an unforgettable stay.

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