The season is at its best between the last week of June and the second week of August. For the earlier part of the season, from the opening date to the middle of July, the wet fly is suggested , then the dry fly gives the best results.

The access roads into the Patapedia are well indicated. It is possible to fish by foot although it is easier to travel from one pool to another with a boat. As sector 2 and 3 offers limited rod access, it is necessary to participate in an annual drawing held on November 1st. You have to fill a registration card. However, regarding sector 1, the reservations are made by drawings, 48 hours beforehand.. The Patapedia packages offer lodging for each of the sectors 2 and 3. The sector 1 is composed of 16 pools such as Big Indien, Ravin Brulé and Jumeau du Haut. In this area you have to release all salmon that are over 63 cm in length but you may keep two grilse per day and it is possible to stay at the 7 mile camp. On the 2nd sector, which contains 38 pools such as Berge Rouge, Fosse ˆ Baignade and Hewitt, the package includes catch & release fishing for large salmon and capture of grilse only during 3 a day boat trip.

Accommodations at the 23 mile Lodge for the first night and then respectively at the 19 mile and 14 mile camps. Lastly, the sector 3, which contain 20 pools, such as Champ des Bleuets, Fosse Albini and Salmon Hole, includes European plan salmon fishing and a stay at the 23 mile Lodge for 6 fishermen and 2 guests.

In short, beeing it is located miles away from towns and cities, the Patapedia offers an unequalled peacefulness to the fishermen. The fishing packages suggested on this splendid river offer or include accommodations in either a magnificent Lodge or camps. In other words, there is everything to please and satisfy most fishermen and nature lovers.

Located on the plateau of the valley, some 68 km West of the village of Matapedia, the Patapedia River renders all fishers envious. Supplied by Supérieur and Chasseur Lakes, it weaves its way through the mountains on 70 km and flows in the famous pool of the Restigouche River, the One Million Dollar Pool which is highly known for the large amount of salmon it shelters annually. The Patapedia, which forms the boundary between the Provinces of Quebec and New Brunswick , is situated in a beautiful and wild environment which allows a peacefulness out of the ordinary. With its clear and cold water, this river allows salmon to prosper in a healthy habitat.

The Patapedia is very appreciated for the diversity of fishing products that it offers. Who did not dream of a stay with accommodations at the marvellous 23 mile Lodge or of a three day trip on this magnificent river whith a full variety in size of salmon. In fact, it is between 600 and 1000 specimens that return to the Patapedia each year. The run of salmons usually enters at the beginning of June and the fishing starts at the same time for a period of 3 months.

Patapedia River MAP