The Corporation de Gestion des Rivières Matapédia et Patapédia

The Corporation de Gestion des Rivières Matapédia et Patapédia is a non-profit-making organization which was created in 1989. Stemming from a consensus of 23 municipalities spread over 2 regional municipal counties which are Matapédia and Avignon, the C.G.R.M.P. has been mandated by the government in 1992 to manage the Réserve faunique des Rivières-Matapédia-et-Patapédia. The Corporation's goal is to ensure the management and the conservation of the salmon resource on the Matapedia River, the Patapedia River, their tributaries and all the other territories in a spirit of preservation and development while maximising the economical benefits on a regional bases. It promotes the education and the awareness of the general public about the value and the potential of that resource in the Matapedia valley. The C.G.R.M.P., besides maintaining a strict control over the resource, collaborates to the expansion of new products for tourism while taking into account the diversity of the resources and the development of the salmon potential. Finally, it seeks partnership with different user-groups.

The Corporation de Gestion des Rivières-Matapédia-et-Patapédia, which hires 70 employees and injects annually 2 000 000$ into local economy, is renowned for its excellent customer service, its sound management of the salmon resource and also for its collegial approach. Actually, it has established some agreements with groups such as the Quebec Wildlife Foundation as for the development of the habitat and the Quebec Atlantic Salmon Federation about the educational programme Fish Friends. Furthermore, the Corporation partook in the elaboration of the Listuguj Mic Mac first nation fishing plan and has provided a seat for the native community on its board of directors. This kind of partnership allows the C.G.R.M.P. to develop a spirit of cohabitation with the different communities of the Valley and help improve the quality of life of the people and this while maintaining its role of protection of the salmon. In this respect, it affiliated itself to the Richard Adams Fondation inc. (F.R.A.I.) which has for mission the conservation and the enhancement of the salmon resource on the Quebec portion of Restigouche River Watershed basin. Since the Corporation has taken over management of the F.R.A.I., its has regained a new effervescence and has invested over 75 000$ in the last 4 years for the cause of salmon.

Finally, besides being a very important economical lever for its region, the Corporation de Gestion des Rivières-Matapédia-et-Patapédia is an essential organization for the development and the protection of the salmon.

The head office of the Corporation de gestion des rivières Matapédia et Patapédia is located at Causapscal in the Province of Quebec and is opened year around.

Reservations : Telephone : -1-888-730-6174 (toll free)

Information : Telephone : -(418) 756-6174-75 (year around) (C.G.R.M.P. office)
-(418)-756-6174 (Causapscal reception office) (in season)
-(418) 865-2080 (Matapedia reception office) (in season)

Fax : (418) 756-6067

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